The Sector Focus Process

Our Sector Focus Investment Process

The Sector Focus Investment Models are separate investment strategies, representing different investment themes. The Sector Focus method utilizes proprietary signals to identify potentially favorable and unfavorable conditions for various sectors of the market, in order to take advantage of the favorable sectors while avoiding the unfavorable.

The Buy and Sell signals are initiated on a sector specific basis, and are calculated by our proprietary combination of Price Analysis, Volume Analysis, and Momentum Analysis signals. Sectors with a "Sell" signal are avoided, while those with "Buy" signals are utilized.

When our research indicates it may be an environment favorable for taking on "Higher Risk", the sectors with "Long" ratings are equally weighted. When conditions are deteriorating, but still favorable, the weightings of the individual sectors will be capped, as to minimize over exposure, as well as raise a cash position. When our research indicates it may be an environment for taking on "Lower Risk", the portfolio will hold a 100% Cash, or cash equivalents position.

This process seeks to minimize losses in adverse market conditions, while attempting to match upside performance.



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FWM Sector Focus Process Overview