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Enrolling in your employer's retirement plan is a key step in reaching your retirement goals.  Many employer plan offer benefits that are hard to match outside of such plan.  The special reports below deal with various topics related to employer plan enrollment and the different types of plans available.

401(k) Plans (click to view/download)

The ROTH 401(k) (click to view/download)

403(b) Plans (click to view/download)

The ROTH 403(b) (click to view/download)

The Tax Benefits of Your Retirement Savings Plan (click to view/download)

Pay Down Debt or Save for Retirement? (click to view/download)


During the Accumulation Phase, the goal it to put yourself in autopilot in terms of saving.  This is the time when you should be maximizing your tax benefits and contributions, as well as taking advantage of any available employer matching programs.  The special reports below are all related to the unique questions you have to deal with during the Accumulation Phase.

Balancing a Retirement Portfolio with Asset Allocation (click to view/download)

Staying on Track with Your Retirement Investments (click to view/download)

Five Keys to Investing for Retirement (click to view/download)

In-Service Withdrawals from 401(k) Plans (click to view/download)


So you are retired; now what?  The Distribution Phase is when all your years of planning is put to work.  This is an incredibly important stage, as you seek to maximize income, protect principal, and focus on the next generation.  The Special Reports below are topics tailored to the challenges you face during the Distribution Phase, as well as detail the many options you have in rolling out of your employer plan.

Changing Jobs? Take Your 401(k) and Roll It! (click to view/download)

Rollovers (click to view/download)

Common Factors Affecting Retirement Income (click to view/download)

Converting Savings to Retirement Income (click to view/download)

Deciding When to Retire: When Timing Becomes Critical (click to view/download)

Reaching Retirement: Now What? (click to view/download)