Public Safety Officers

For Our Police Officers

Our police officers put their lives on the line every day.  The stresses and responsibilities that are specific to this line of work, often times causes retirement planning to be put on the back shelf.  

There are specific retirement plan and pension factors that are specific to your city's benefits plan.  We have the experience and knowledge needed to advise you on what are the best options for you.  Allow us to come along side you and protect your retirement future, as you focus on protecting those around you.

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For Our Firefighters

Our Firefighters serve our community with selfless acts every day.  We want to repay that service with the high level service that is a staple at Forum Wealth Management.  There are many features in your city's benefit plan that can both be confusing and at the same time, are very important to the success of your retirement.  We have the experience and knowledge of your plan needed to provide you with the appropriate recommendations to help you reach your goals.

You think of other first, let us put you first.  

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