The Forum Philosophy

The Forum Philosophy

At Forum Wealth Management, our goal is simple: to develop and implement personalized investment strategies, that are both successful, and flexible.  To accomplish this goal, we have centered our Investment Philosophy around three important terms; Customized, Holistic, and Dynamic. 


We approach every client with the uniqueness demanded by their personal situation.  This may sound strange at first, as you might expect all investment firms to works this way.  However, unfortunately, many do not.  We pride ourselves in spending as much time as is needed to come to a proper, comprehensive, understanding of your needs, as well as developing the crucial foundation of trust.  We vow to never make hasty recommendations, always give objective advice,and strive to place ourselves in your shoes, making a point to place your needs above all.


A rubik's cube cannot be solved if you are only looking at one side of the cube; all sides must be analyzed, and even considered in light of the other sides.  Successful investing involves that same holistic approach.  In order to properly implement a particular Investment Plan, we must also have a deep understanding of your Retirement Income Plan, your Estate Plan, your Financial Plan, and even any College Plans.  These areas of your financial life must be considered together, and they need to be designed to work in harmony with each other.  At Forum Wealth Management, we make a point to understand each and every area of your financial world, and it is our goal to help you succeed in each area, by leveraging our holistic approach.


We strongly believe that "Buy and Hold" is a dead method of investing for the retiree in today's world.  Sure, it may still work for the 22 year old out of college, but not for the pre-retiree or retiree who is counting on their retirement assets to provided the income they need.  Today's investment world displays more volatility than it ever has, which poses a threat those needing to plan for retirement.  What if a market crash happens when you retire, or right before you retire?  These questions need to be asked, and more importantly, your advisor needs to have the answer.  At Forum Wealth Management, we design investment portfolios that are dynamic in nature.  This is completely different than the "Buy and Hold" mantra, as we seek to outperform by limiting losses through reducing risk in clients' portfolios when necessary, and increasing risk when opportunities arise.  Your portfolio needs to have the flexibility to change as the market changes, and your advisor needs to have the knowledge, and discipline to make that happen.